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New Weekend Music Programs on WESM and WSDL

Delmarva Public Media is pleased to announce the addition of three new music shows to the weekend lineup on WESM 91.3 and WSDL 90.7 beginning January 7, 2023.

The debut of "The Soul Show", "A Reggae Thing with Ted Bowne" and "Swampcandy Radio Hour" marks a new chapter of programming at the radio stations, as longtime WESM host Yancy Carrigan retired in December, thusly concluding his popular shows "Music From the Wax Museum" and "The Blues Train."

"It's impossible to replace someone as unique and beloved as Yancy, but we thank him for all his years on the air and wish him the very best in retirement, " said General Manager Gerry Weston.

The Soul Show (Airing Saturdays 12-3pm on WESM 91.3 and WSDL 90.7)
Hosted and produced by Mike Canton, "The Soul Show" was created in 1995 at independent public station WYEP in Pittsburgh, with Mike joining the production and hosting team in 2006. After he took the helm in 2009, the show evolved from its primarily R&B focus to a wider capture of essential black/brown music, including jazz fusion, hip hop, Latin and reggae.

The program is now distributed in seven US and Caribbean markets. Adding the program also renews and strengthens the longstanding relationship between WESM and the African American Public Radio Consortium.

"I am very excited to be a part of Delmarva Public Media's programming lineup", said Canton. “Pittsburgh is a really quick drive to the Eastern Shore and I hope to be spending a lot of time supporting the stations and meeting new listener friends."

"The Soul Show" explores soul music, funk, jazz and urban alternative will fill the 12-3pm slot on WESM 91.3 and WSDL 90.7 that had been held by Carrigan's "Music From the Wax Museum" for years.

A Reggae Thing with Ted Bowne (Airing Saturdays at 3pm on WESM 91.3 and WSDL 90.7)
Ted Bowne grew up in Salisbury and now resides in Princess Anne. Somewhere in between those two very local destinations, he became a renowned reggae musician who entertains audiences all over the world as the frontman of the band Passafire. His hour long show "A Reggae Thing" will be a deep dive into the evolution of reggae music.

Becoming a part of Delmarva Public Media's radio family has a personal connection for Bowne as well.

"I grew up in Salisbury and my grandfather was a jazz fan who would listen to the WESM regularly", he said. "I have vivid memories of him tapping away at the steering wheel like it was his drum kit while he drove."

When Bowned moved back to the Eastern Shore in 2018, he found his radio dial tuned to WESM 91.3 in memory of his grandfather. Ironically, his local jazz afficionado that led him to want to produce a radio show in the first place was Yancy Carrigan.

"I'm so extremely honored to be walking in the footsteps of Yancy Carrigan and I hope that my show will bring a sense of historical reggae education and create a great vibe for public radio listeners on the Delmarva Peninsula", said Bowne.

"A Reggae Thing" will air Saturdays at 3pm on WESM 91.3 and WSDL 90.7 and streaming online at delmarvapublicmedia.org.

Swampcandy Radio Hour (Airing Saturdays at 8pm on WSDL 90.7 and streaming online at delmarvapublicmedia.org)

Annapolis-based singer/songwriter Ruben Dobbs' musical brainchild "Swampcandy" has always been more than just a band. Now it's a weekly radio show and your Saturday nights may never be the same.

While the band become known both nationally and internationally as having a sound that was fermented in primitive blues, pre war folk sounds, field hollers, gypsy jazz and ragtime and steeped in influences that range from Robert Johnson to Radiohead, Dobbs says "the Swampcandy Radio Hour" will be a genre-fluid sonic journey connecting the music and the musicians who have lit up the underground scene and popular culture.

"If you are a freak or a geek, a huge music nerd or just someone who appreciates any genre of music as long as it's done honestly", said Dobbs, "then this is absolutely the show for you."

Swampcandy Radio Hour will air Saturdays at 8pm on WSDL 90.7 just before "Saturday Nite New Orleans" which is hosted by Jamie Del Appa from 9-midnight.

Program Changes on WESM 91.3 and WSDL 90.7:
12-3pm The Soul Show
3-4pm A Reggae Thing with Ted Bowne
4-5pm Juke in the Back (now at it's new time)

WSDL 90.7 FM
8pm Swampcandy Radio Hour (replacing Juke in the Back)

See our full program schedule for three stations at delmarvapublicmedia.org

Bryan brings over 20 years of broadcasting and journalism experience to Delmarva Public Media after doing multi-award-winning work for WAMU/WRAU-FM as the host of “Coastal Connection” and as its coastal reporter. He’s contributed to national entities like the BBC, NPR, and the Associated Press, and worked the local newsbeat at the Maryland Coast Dispatch in Ocean City.