Delmarva Today 11-04-2021 part two

Nov 4, 2021

CNN recently published an article by Leah Asmelash arguing that poetry is experiencing a new golden age today, with young writers of color taking the lead. As evidence she cites the fact that The MacArthur Foundation, for the first time since 1998, has awarded its “genus” grant to three poets, and the Lincoln Center has named its first poet-in-residence this year. Are we in a new golden age of poetry?

Wilson’s guests to discuss this issue are Dr. James King, and Ms. Kim Roberts. Dr. King is a professor in the English Department at Salisbury University. He teaches African American Literature and African Literature as well as other literature courses. Ms. Roberts is an award-winning poet, literary historian, and editor. She is the author of five books of poems, editor of two anthologies, and co-editor of the web-exhibit DC Writers’ Homes.