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After attending Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship, Anthony Wonsey emerged in the early nineties as one of the most adept young pianists on the American jazz scene.  Now in his late forties, Wonsey has worked with a who’s who of modern jazz including Kenny Garrett, Nicholas Payton, Elvin Jones and Roy Hargrove.

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SU Arts Minute

September 6-12, 2021

Welcome to Salisbury University’s Cultural Calendar Highlights for the week of September 6.

The Balla Kouyaté Ensemble helps welcome the National Folk Festival back to Salisbury with a concert on campus Thursday, September 9. Kouyaté is a world-renowned balafon player, part of a family lineage of 800 years that continues to uphold West African traditions.

SU Arts Minute

August 30-September 5, 2021

Welcome to Salisbury University’s Cultural Calendar Highlights for the week of August 30.

SU Art Galleries Downtown hosts the exhibit “Flow” from August 30-November 6. Works in the exhibit celebrate art evolving from a sentient experience rather than a conscious thought.

Chamber Music by the Sea is returning for another season on August 3rd. With the ongoing pandemic and festival organizer Elena Urioste currently spending time in Great Britain, this year's festival will once again be a virtual affair. Elena Urioste speaks about this year's lineup, the Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective, and how this pandemic has changed classical music.

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Sunday, May 16th at 8PM on WSCL 89.5

Welcome to Salisbury University’s Cultural Calendar Highlights for May.

The SU Music, Theatre and Dance Department hosts a plethora of virtual musical performances throughout the month, beginning with the Salisbury and University Chorales, directed in concert by Dr. William Folger, on Saturday, May 1.

Welcome to Salisbury University’s Cultural Calendar Highlights for April.

SU art faculty host a virtual gallery talk Thursday, April 1, at the conclusion of the Art Department’s annual faculty exhibit. Faculty members display their works at SU Art Galleries Downtown through Friday, April 2.

Welcome to Salisbury University’s Cultural Calendar Highlights for the week of February 22.

SU’s annual African American History Month celebration concludes with three virtual arts events. On Wednesday, February 24, the University joins the National African American Read-In, hosting its annual African American Poetry Read-In. Participants are invited to read their original poems. Campus community members also may select poems to read from books available through SU Libraries.

Most of us can't travel overseas right now but we can at least be aurally transported by way of music. Ten vocal ensembles whose members come from 15 different countries will perform in a new, weeklong festival called Vox Virtual beginning August 22nd. They include ANÚNA from Ireland, Insingizi from Zimbabwe, Ensemble Rustavi from Georgia, and Cantus from the U.S.

What forces propel young people to give up everything to join a violent extremist movement like the so-called Islamic State? That's the question that drove Fatima Bhutto to write the novel The Runaways.

I'm overwhelmed by so many things right now, not the least of which is that I keep having to build wind turbines.

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Stephen Miller is the architect of Donald Trump's extreme policies on immigration.

And leaked emails have shown him pushing white-power ideology cloaked in pseudo-science.

So how did an affluent kid from the California suburbs — who liked mobster movies and wore gold chains — get on the path that led him to where he is now?

Though M. T. Anderson couldn't possibly have planned it, his new book The Daughters of Ys feels like it was created for just this moment. The story's driving force and key image — a torrential flood of natural and unnatural origin that sweeps away a city — is the perfect symbol for our era. If you've felt your brimming anxiety about the coronavirus overflow as you've tried to keep up with the never-ending tide of news about it, you'll sympathize with Anderson's characters.

Here is a list of things that the HBO series Lovecraft Country, premiering Sunday, August 16th, has in common with the 2018 film Green Book:

1. Setting: Jim Crow-era America

2. Acting: Subtle, nuanced performances (Viggo Mortenen's dese-and-dose Green Book gangster notwithstanding).

3. Subject: Story features a road trip involving a travel guidebook written to inform Black people where they can safely eat and stay. (Green Book: Entire film; Lovecraft Country: Opening episodes only.)

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The new novel A Room Called Earth opens with a young woman as she gets ready for a holiday party in Melbourne, Australia.

Getting ready takes 17 chapters. And every detail has a reason for being. As the narrator tells us, "My inner processes can be visceral to the point of being completely illusory, and absurd."

Artist and photographer Nadiya Nacorda has been documenting her siblings for nearly a decade. Her new photo book, A Special Kind of Double, features images of her brother Khaya and sister Thandiswa growing up. Time isn't marked by special occasions or birthdays, but instead the in between moments of life.

A World Champion Slam Poet Pivots To Medicine

Aug 15, 2020

"Memories of my childhood live/between the rings of sand around my ankles/ and the desert heat in my lungs.

I still believe that nothing washes/worry from tired skin better than the Nile/and my grandma's hands.

Every day I go to school/with the weight of dead neighbors/on my shoulders."