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Harris Supports Cassidy-Graham Health Care Bill

Don Rush

Maryland Congressman Andy Harris said last night that he supports the Cassidy-Graham bill that would essentially repeal the Affordable Care Act and rely upon block grants to the states.

During an appearance on the campus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore the incumbent Republican said he believed the states were the best place for shaping health policy.

He said, “Moving these expenditures back to the states, to have state control over it, is the right idea. Every state is different.” He added, he believed, “States will come up with innovative ways to deliver care to their citizens that is probably better than the care that they’re getting under the Affordable Care Act.”

Meanwhile, Allison Galbraith, a Democratic primary candidate to unseat Harris, was also at his presentation on health care.

She said she strongly opposed the Cassidy-Graham measure because Maryland would lose three billion dollar per year in revenue from the federal government.

The Democrat said she favored a single payer system.

“I do support single-payer. However, I’m a pragmatist. I think the minimum standard needs to be lower in cost, making it more affordable for all Americans, providing better care.”

Don Rush is the News Director at Delmarva Public Media. An award-winning journalist, Don reports major local issues of the day, from sea level rise, to urban development, to the changing demographics of Delmarva.